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Boltless Rivet Shelving With Wire Decking

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Size: 48″*24″*72″

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Boltless Rivet Shelving With Wire Decking

The size of this sp482472-w is: 48″(W)x24″(D)x72″(H), with Z-shaped beam design. It has a higher capacity (over 800lbs per layer, for a total of over 4000lbs).

There are many customers who worry that MDF board and particle board shelves cannot be used in the open air or in humid places, because these two kinds of boards have no moisture-proof effect, then the design of this shelf screen greatly solves the pain point of using MDF board and particleboard.Because the partitions are made of thick mesh panels, and the entire frame structure is also made of galvanized steel and treated with spray paint, this shelving has excellent anti-rust and moisture-proof functions, and can be used in wet areas: garages, sheds, basements and warehouses.



Type:Boltless rivet rack

Load capacity:800lbs


Middle cross bar:5pcs





    1. Shelves can choose particle board, MDF board, wire board, laminated board or steel board.

    2. Uprights can choose Z-beam or C-beam designprovide strength and rigidity.

    3. 800lbs load capacity/layer.

    4. Adjust in 1-1/2″ increments. The height between the shelves can be adjusted freely.

    5. It can be easily assembled in minutes.

    6. Rivet lock design, no need for bolt connection.

    7. It is recommended to use a rubber mallet for assembly.

    8. The boltless rack shelf is made of an industrial-grade steel structure, which has the best durability and strength.

    9. Adjustable 5-layer metal shelf storage shelf can be easily moved for quick customization.


    Our garage shelving do not support online retail for the time being. If you like our products, please contact us and we will recommend local agents to you.


    According to customer needs, you can choose to ship from any of the three factories in Thailand and China.

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