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Rivetier shelving

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This article introduces you to wire deck rivetier shelving – not only does it help you keep your items organized and easily accessible, but the mesh design keeps things ventilated and dry.

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Product name Item Size Material Layer Load capacity Z-beam Uprights
Rivetier shelving SP482472-W 48”x24”72” Steel 5 800lbs 20pcs 8pcs


Boltless shelving is also commonly referred to as rivetier shelving. Its all-metal design makes it incredibly robust and resilient, ensuring it will last for a long time. The metal construction means that it will withstand heavy weights and will not break under a significant load.


One of the unique features of boltless shelving is the inclusion of a middle crossbar, which provides excellent stability and support for your items. The weight capacity of each layer is a maximum of 800 lbs, which is a fantastic bonus as it will allow you to store bulky and heavy items such as equipment or tools with ease, without any fear of overloading the shelves.


Apart from its sturdy metal construction, another advantage of boltless shelving is its wire mesh deck. This mesh surface is perfect for items that are difficult to store, such as clothes and chemical containers. The holes in the mesh deck allow air circulation and prevent dust buildup on your items. This type of shelving helps improve the lifespan of your items while keeping them organized.


Another great feature of boltless shelves is the absence of bolts, meaning that assembly is much more straightforward and faster. So, you get to enjoy your new shelving much quicker and with much less hassle.


Boltless shelving is a fantastic solution for any storage and organizing needs and is suitable for both personal use as well as commercial use. Its sturdy all-metal construction, middle crossbar/layer, wire mesh deck, and boltless design make it an ideal option. The product is not only versatile but also reliable and provides excellent value for your money. Get your boltless shelving today and give your space the much-needed organization it deserves.

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our high-quality boltless shelving racks are an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-assemble storage solution that will help you keep your home organized and clutter-free. With their sturdy screw less design, thick chipboard shelves, and adjustable configuration, they're the perfect tool for anyone looking to create some extra storage space in their home. So why wait Order your boltless shelving today and start enjoying the benefits of a more organized, clutter-free home!


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